This is Alfie, he is an approximately 7 month old white German Shepherd cross.

Alfie came into the kennels along with his sister Sophie, who has since been rehomed.

Alfie is really mixed up and isn’t coping particularly well in the kennels, he gets quite anxious quite quickly but when out in the yard having a calming stroke and cuddle, he soon relaxes and becomes much calmer. We have had Luke Wadeson from 4 Paws Psychology work with us and Alfie, giving us tips on how to keep him calm and less boisterous.

Alfie is still very nippy and jumpy so for this reason we have decided he is best suited to a household where there are no children.

He is really well behaved when out for a walk, sniffing everything in sight but walking very calmly and keeps close by even on a retractable lead. He comes back to you when called and will sit so nicely ready for a treat, although he does need to be told ‘gently’ when receiving a treat otherwise he gobbles the lot in a flash!

All Alfie really needs is somebody with lots of love and patience for him, as at such a young age he still has his whole life ahead of him. He just needs somebody to give him a chance.

Alfie is up to date with vaccinations, is microchipped and castrated. If you’d like to meet Alfie, please call 01869 346307 to book an appointment.

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