Meet Brewster, our 2 year old Rottweiler/Mastiff cross.

He is such a loveable boy. Just one big baby who wants loads of cuddles, even if he does weigh a tonne! He is a very happy boy who is full of energy and will play for hours.

Sometimes when playing, Brewster can get a bit vocal and talk to you but it is only with play and not aggressive in anyway. We are still teaching him to leave the toy by your side to let you throw it again, he’s almost got the hang of it!

He loves going blackberry picking and playing with bubbles too. His favourite toys are cuddly ones, he carries them around the field on his walks.

Brewster is getting really good at listening to commands, he will come back when called every time. He’ll sit, lay down and give you his paw. Brewster will leave a treat until you allow him to take it, he doesn’t snatch and is so gentle when taking a treat. You can see his demonstration in the video above!

He is quite strong when walking on lead but given the right training, this can be sorted in no time if you can keep his attention and give him the right guidance.

He is good with other dogs and cats but can be a little weary of men to begin with, however it doesn’t take him long to relax.

Brewster has been with us since March and is desperate to find his forever home now. He really isn’t the big scary dog he looks at all and is just dying to have a nice sofa to curl up on.

Brewster is up to date with vaccinations, is microchipped and castrated. If you’d like to meet him, please call 01869 346307 to book an appointment.

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